Town of Beloit Epic PR Fail


I read the news today, ohhh boy.

A local drama is set to play out on a national stage.  And only because, apparently, that’s what it will take to take to force the town of Beloit to fire John Wilson for his appalling and illegal behavior on the job as the town’s chief of police.

My guess is that bigotry, as a brand, hurts property values and business investment as much as it does the humanity of everyone it touches. The longer the town of Beloit supervisors refuse to act, the closer they get to finding out just how much.  

John Wilson will be culpable for however many thousands or millions of dollars it will cost the town to settle the slam-dunk lawsuits that have already been filed. And for the money that will be spent on state or federal investigators (please, tell me somebody’s called them) to determine the extent to which his illegal conduct on the job has harmed the very citizens whose rights he was sworn—and paid—to protect.

But the board of supervisors is solely responsible for the ever-worsening damage to this town’s reputation. That’s a mantle they assumed the moment they decided to sit on their hands and shirk their duty to show this guy the door but quick.

Kudos to Justin Weaver for his excellent reporting on this misery. And gratitude to Justin’s boss, Bill Barth, editor of the Beloit Daily News, for his definitive editorial, which you can read here.


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