I had some fun this weekend, running through the virtual halls of the online Wisconsin Museum of Broadcasting. Nationally known politicians, legendary disc jockeys, the first woman inducted into the Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame, the first Badger game to hit the airwaves…if it has to do with the history of Wisconsin radio or television—commercial or public—you can find it by setting your online dial to WMB.

And, of course, by friending them on Facebook.

I was tickled by the museum’s nods to viewer/listener experiences that no longer exist. Remember the channel static of tuning in your favorite station? You’ll hear it once again, thanks to the old-timey radio dial that doubles as navigation from one exhibit to the next. I’m a sucker for those kind of fillips. 

The venture of a favorite client, WMB is dreaming big: The collected works of every local show ever produced is one starry-eyed vision. Features on kids’ programming and Wisconsin leadership in weather broadcasting are others. And maybe, one fine day, a real brick-and-mortar museum (for which there’s already a clever “We interrupt this program” fundraising pitch).

Right now, though, they already have some great exhibits up: 

• 20 years of as-they-aired broadcasts of U.S. Senate and gubernatorial debates

• a Hall of Fame complete with plaques, bios and video (hey look, Bob Uecker’s in the front row!)

• an animated timeline of the history of Wisconsin radio and television stations

 •  highlight reels from Wisconsin television stations celebrating 50 years on the air.

So visit the museum in the next couple of days. And feel free to add, share, bookmark and Tweet the heck out of the place. It’ll beat watching the snow pile up in your driveway.


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