Long Live Copy


If I wasn’t so busy, I’d thank people like Tom Marks every day of the week. That’s how much I appreciate writers who scratch a spot that’s been itching for weeks. 

But busy I am (and now, apparently, I also write like Yoda talks). So I’m doubly grateful to Tom for reminding me, in something recent he wrote for In Business, precisely why things are hopping around here.

What Tom wrote is a version of the adage “copy is king.” And it is. I know that. More importantly, I believe that. This is true whether the words (aka “copy”) are said or read. On a screen or over the air, it doesn’t matter. Laptops can replace newspapers and handhelds can do the same to books, but there will always be words.

Lately, though, I’d gotten too busy hurling those words up onto the screen to remember just how vital they are to life on Cherry Street. 

Tom’s column is actually about content, which is different from copy—and also so related that the difference is often negligible. He urges companies to remember to focus not on flavor-of-the-moment technology but on how much their marketing still needs to have a coherent message. You know, words that actually say something. Words that matter.

Tom owns TMA+Peritus with his wife, Kathy. He also writes often and well for various publications. You can and should read more of his work at the company website

“Long live the stuff that actually lives long,” he writes in his column about content. To which I say: You go, guy!

And thank you.


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