Little Touch, Big Brand


Say you’re a fan of Duke University’s legendary Blue Devils basketball program. (I know, Bucky, but say you are.) How happy will you be to come across this delightful little twist on two universal symbols? Tickled blue, right?

As always, it’s the little things that matter. And at Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium, even signage for the ladies’ room is an opportunity to reinforce brand perception.

I mention it because this is the work of ZEBRADOG, a nationally known branding and design firm based in Madison. Their work is more than just this small sign, of course; ZEBRADOG does big-idea projects all over the place. Including lots of work for your favorite team. And this particular Devil In A Blue Dress is an example of how ZEBRADOG never misses a chance to tell the story of a client’s brand in a new, creative and engaging way.

The same is true of other Cherry Street Agency clients, even when the story they’re telling is their own.

Cases in point: A fundraising pitch for the online Wisconsin Museum of Broadcasting is an actual commercial, right on the website, complete with the “We Interrupt This Program” announcement familiar to anyone who watched pre-cable television. And the Clean Lakes Alliance regularly sends Lake-O-Grams to supporters as a nod to the mail boats of a bygone era.

Convincing, creative and brand-consistent. The experts will tell you that attention to detail matters. That even one little thing can have a big impact on a consumer, a reader, a viewer, a fan. Someone should remind them of how this is especially true if that one little thing happens to be a teeny-tiny little blue pitchfork.


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