Future Features

I can’t stop thinking about the panel discussion we had last month at the PRSA-Madison luncheon. Three impressive career-communicators—people who work here in town but are in demand as speakers all across the country—sat at a table in the front of the room and made their predictions about public relations in the coming year.

Which social media will dominate? What kinds of metrics can we look forward to adapting? How much will content matter across platforms?

I can’t recreate all their great insights here. But our panelists did inspire me to continue to scout out the road PR might take in the coming months.

Here’s what some experts say lies ahead:

•  From the bloggers at PR Newswire, PR with marketing outcomes.

•  From PRSA National, 12 very different trends from 12 bloggers.

•  Mashable’s take on what’s next in digital PR.

Finally, a caution from Harvey Briggs—who, incidentally, served on the very panel mentioned above. In a great blog, Harvey reminds us all to keep watch along the way for that which is actually innovative. Not just new. Not just different. Just really, truly innovative. Our past futures have always been shaped by innovation, he says, and innovation is what will give us a preview of what’s next. Thanks for the reminder, Harvey!


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