Hey look, new Buzz!

From Renie Schapiro, public health educator at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health:

“I just saw your Wisconsin book. It is gorgeous and beautifully done. Amazing work. If I were deciding whether to move to Wisconsin, this book would do it for me.”

Thanks, Renie! I had a great time co-writing it with the lovely and talented Maggie S. Schutz. And in case you’re wondering…Why, yes, you can buy copies for all your friends at Amazon.

§     §     §

Laura Berghahn, M.D., of Associated Physicians, sent a note (hey, a doctor’s note!) to say she enjoyed working with Cherry Street on the copy for their great new website: “We never could have done the website without you. I appreciate how invested you have been in this project. I can’t thank you enough.”

I enjoyed interviewing Dr. Berghahn and 19 of her colleagues for the project. I’m glad that such nice people have a site that reflects their professionalism and compassion. Click on the link above and see for yourself!

 §     §     §

And not too long ago, Craig Thompson, the executive director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin, said something so nice we just had to Buzz it:

“Mary Erpenbach has done a fantastic job for us for years on everything from writing news releases to executing statewide awareness campaigns. She’s always our first call for PR.”

He’s a good guy, that Craig.

Check back in a few days. We’re building more Buzz.


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