PR On Deck

 In baseball, being on deck means you’re ready for your turn at bat. I think of that term when I’ve finished a project and find myself ready for the next one. Happily, on Cherry Street, I can be physically on the deck while I’m also on-deck.


I wrapped up an eight-week communications strategy project earlier this month and hit that deck the very next day. There’s room enough on the deck bar to spread out file folders. The cushy barstool is comfortable. And, should I look up from my laptop, there’s a view of the Rock River.

My version of being on-deck is probably not the most aggressive business model I could devise. On days like this, though, when I have such a beautiful view of the next projects already floating down that river toward me, I’m really glad I chose it.


History Channel

The Wisconsin Museum of Broadcasting is definitely one of my favorite clients. Not just because they’re a great organization with great ideas, but because they have realized those ideas so well.

I’ve written before about how much I like this online museum. Now, thanks to the must-watch-TV event of Recall Season here in Wisconsin, I get to write about it again.

It’s cool that the debate between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will be aired live throughout the state, thanks to the efforts of the WBA Foundation. And it’s awesome that this debate will soon take its place in the special Political Debates exhibit that the museum maintains. What’s really special, though, is that journalists and history buffs and political junkies can prep for the debate by watching the PREVIOUS gubernatorial debate between these same two candidates. That’s right—Tom Barrett and Scott Walker debated each other in 2010, and the museum has preserved that debate in its entirety and made it available to the world.

Just go to the museum, navigate to the Political Debates section, and click on the 2010 debate. Happy watching!

PR Fool’s Day

Haha, we’re a funny bunch out here on PR Island!

April Fool’s Day jokes went all around the Web a couple of weeks ago and an amazing number of them involved big brands: NASCAR, Google and more.

I like it when companies use April Fool’s Day to launch a joke product (that sometimes later becomes a real product)…or take a sly, sideways approach to strengthening a message…or just plain infuse some personality into their brands.

Here are three well-executed April Fool’s Day funnies you might not have seen:

A news release for Floccupy Wall Street

A video about an “e-lane” for sidewalks

A recruiting piece from Beloit College

Laugh and the world laughs with you.

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